Pseudomonas syringae mechanisms for plant host adaptation: suppression of plant defences


Carmen Beuzón López (IP), Javier Ruiz Albert (IP), Jose S. Rufián, Javier Rueda Blanco


Alberto Macho Escribano (Shangai Center for Plant Stress Biology), Murray Grant (University of Warwick)

About the line

In this research line we investigate plant-pathogen interactions in several pathosystems, using Pseudomonas syringae strains from different pathovars (B728a, 1448a, DC3000). The project is focused on the molecular mechanisms associated to the bacterial Type Three Secretion System (T3SS) and its effector proteins, and explores different aspects of bacterial virulence and plant defense, with particular attention to effector-dependent suppresion of plant defenses (ETI, PTI, and SAR). We aim to shed some light on the complex interplay that takes place amongst effectors belonging to the same inventory, and how this effector network leads to virulence or defense in different hosts.

Recent publications (last 5 years)